International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

What is an ISBN?

International Standard Book Number, (ISBN) is a unique set of 13 digits assigned to your book. The numbers may seem to be random, but they are not. The numbers are divided into sections separated by hyphens. The first section indicates it is indeed an ISBN, while the following four identify the country/language group, publisher, and title or edition of a title with a check digit at the end.

The numbers are essential to the supply chain for books. You will need an ISBN for every version of your book. One for hardback, another for paperback, another for the audiobook, and yet another for ebook. On the ebook note, each distributor of ebooks offers their unique number for uploads. Amazon, Apple, B&N, and Kobo all supply a unique number when you upload to their site, thus giving you the option.

Use this link to obtain your ISBN number: ISBN

Here is a tidbit you should know. The cost to purchase 1 ISBN is $125.00. The cost to purchase 10 ISBNs is $295.00. If you plan to write more than one book, you can see the savings of purchasing 10 rather than 1.

Additional tidbit, I do not use Barcodes. However, you may wish to. Barcodes for printed books are said to make it easier to sell with retailers.  The ISBN is usually positioned next to the barcodes on printed books.

View the video below on how to purchase your ISBNs.

Securing ISBN Video