What is Copyright?  What is its purpose? When does it take effect?

Let’s keep this simple. Copyright is a form of legal protection for published and unpublished works. An example is your book.

The purpose of copyright is to protect original works for authors literary, novels, poetry, movies, songs, and a variety of other works. For our purposes, we will concentrate on literary works. Copyright does not protect ideas, it protects the actual work. Copyright is voluntary, HOWEVER, you cannot take legal action against a person if they used a part of your book or the entire book unless it is registered with the US Copyright Office.

You can open an account with the US Copyright Office. Each time you complete a book you can register the work at a minimal cost. Once you complete the application, upload a copy of your novel and cover, and pay the registration fee, a certificate of your registration will be mailed to you.

The direct link to the US Copyright Office is listed here:   US Copyright Office

Before we go any further, let’s take a few minutes to set up your copyright account.

To copyright your work let’s set up an account with the US Copyright Office. You will need to create a user id and a password. You have to have an email address and a mailing address. The website is listed above.

Click file on your browser.

Go to “Open New Window”.

Copy the link on your screen,

When the site load, click “Register”.

Scroll down until you see the blue taps. Click “Log into Electronic Copyright Office”.

Click “New User”.

A screen will appear requesting your information. Fill in the information then follow the prompts.

Let’s take 5 minutes to set up your account. See you in 15 minutes.

View the video for a step by step copyright registration of a book.

Copyright Process Video