Greenlight Workshops

Green Light Your Dreams

This is not a new concept. We hear people say, I’m waiting for the green light before I make any plans. Well, in my humble opinion, that's too late. Success comes when preparation meets opportunity. That’s not a new concept either. However, I would say there is another aspect of all of this. Belief. You have to believe in your dreams and be willing to invest in them. Ask yourself this question. If you do not believe in your skill, your talent, your product enough to invest, how can you expect someone else too?

I believe anyone who is an independent author has already green-lit you. You did not wait for one of the big six publishers to give you the green light. You took the steps to publish yourself because you believed in YOU.

That’s what this series of workshops are all about. The Green Light Workshops consists of a series of videos with your Instructor, Iris Bolling. The topics are: