What happens when you green light yourself? A series that is now streaming on Amazon Video Direct. Yes, the series that readers love is now on DVD and Streaming on Amazon. What a true way to celebrate being an independent author and producer.

Amazon Streaming

Amazon Streaming

When you are in control of your product, the freedom exist for you to share your stories, your way. It also allows you to oupe doors for fellow authors to do the same. The Heart Series, is in print, electronic, and now film. It will soon be in audio. Night of Seduction and The Pendleton Rule are now in pre-production. For authors, the doors are now ope and the choice is all yours, to walk through.



Let’s be very clear on one point. The consequences, good or bad, falls on your shoulder. The work load, once everyone is done and back to living normal hours, getting the product to the massess, and pushing your product, ALL falls on you. The financing of the projects also….on your shoulders. However, the GREEN LIGHT is also yours to flip on. And the reward is your to celebrate.

The outcome good or bad, shows you had the audaicty to beleive in yourself. You followed your dream and made it a reality.

Why this blog, today?

I’m celebrating a birthday this month. It is these times when we evaluate our successes and failures, in addition to life, and our future. I’m celebrating the completion of 2 season of The Heart on DVD, Season 2 streaming on Amazon, The Pendleton Rule set to be released on audiobook through Audible, (Amazon-again) and the 18th independent novel and series number 5 from me.

The Pendleton Rule Audiobook

Pendleton Full flat copy 3

It is a humbling experience to walk into my office to see the book covers framed on the wall, the awards received for the stories I’ve written, to see my name on a film as executive producer and to hear the final reading of my first audiobook. Then to look in the middle of it all at the whiteboard with eight books along with two productions in progress. Man, I have work to do.

I smile at the accomplishments and I am SO VERY THANK for  the future plans. I am more thankful that you, the readers are taking this journey with me.

What a journey this has become.

Until the next time,


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